Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Wedding Day!

Ok So I was married May 10th of this year at the Beautiful Kenwood Farms and Gardens in Kenwood, CA. It is just outside of Sonoma.
This was my beautiful cake. My mom did it! I loved how it was simple but wasn't too simple :)

I had 3 Bridesmaids.....this is me with 2 of them and my ring bearer. He was soooo great! He was really nervous but he did an awesome job!!!

This was Me after we got the dress on. I wore my grandma's ring on my necklace since she had passed away I wanted a piece of her with me. I truly believe she had a hand in making sure Nick and I found each other.

This is me and my adorable ring bearer!

This is us at the alter. My best friend whom I've known since 8th grade was ordained just so he could perform our ceremony. It was such a wonderful touch!

This is our first kiss!

We were so happy and it was such a perfect day. Looking back I realized I stressed over too many details that didn't even matter.

Hope you enjoyed the quick detour! Thanks for stopping by :)

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Katie Skiff said...

That is all so looks like it went so well. Congratulations. I believe that most brides stress WAY too much on things that never really matter. Although it is a big day!


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