Saturday, October 25, 2008

wanted to use some new design paper

so I had to pick some more orange and yellow colors to go with it.....

I know you are all probably pretty sick of all the orange and fall like colors....just thing Christmas and winter is coming up:)

This images was begging for the sun and I had this idea for a card since I saw this stamp set!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ever had one of those cards....

That fought you the entire time you were making it....I am one of those that I like simple. i won't spend hours on one card because I do not have the patience for it......this card tried every patience I had.....I had several scrap pieces of white just trying to stamp the image....what a head ache. if you couldn't tell I am in the middle of enjoying fall.... This is using Forgive me one of the newer sets over at Firecracker Designs by Pamela

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I was really hoping for.....

an Indian Summer......or at least something a litle longer then what we have had! It is already chilly and getting fall like here in California and I am already using extra blankets:( I will be gone next week for Disneyland but I will have some postings up for you all of some FireCracker cards I have been working on. Also, I am close to 2,000 hits and there may be a tasty treat for you all in there once I hit that number!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Firecracker designs Pre-order.....

Are you all ready for some awesome stamp sets.......The penguins are my favorite. also, we will be doing another blog hop in November....
You can order here

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blog Hop POP challenge

Hi all and Happy card making day to you!

A while back Pamela from FireCracker Designs mentioned the neat idea Paper Crafts had with their 3 step card making (edition was called: cards, gifts, & more, paper crafting 3 ways) So she challenged her new design team to see how they could make a card that was already great to start with, into something that really WOWS you!

Here's what we did. Each member created a card, we called it the Step 1 card. It is a completely finished, very nice card. We sent that card to another member of the team, and that person was to take our card and step it up a notch, really make it POP...(although the magazine did this in 3 steps, we decided two steps was really enough)we called that the step 2 card.

SOOOO today, on World Card Making day, we are going to do a BLOG HOP...and show off what we did!! No one has seen the step 2 of their own cards!! Each gal on the team will be posting the step 1, and step 2 of the card they FINISHED, and the Step 1 of the card they sent away. That way you will be able to see side by side the finished cards, and get a taste of what the next card will be. There will be a link to the step 2 of the second card. When you get to that blog, you will again see the step 1 card, and the finished step 2 of that well as the step 1 of the next card. Doesn't that sound FUN?? The best part, the girls all have to complete the blog ring to see how their own card was POPPED!

Now for the candy.....once you complete the blog hop ring, you need to visit Pamela....where you can then leave a comment telling her which card art you liked the best, why, and which artists had a hand in creating it.......... .She will pick 1 random winner to send out a stamp set to!! (Her choice)..... .......

Now to start things off:

Here's the card I received as a step 1 card. It was created by Libby Hickson:

Here's what I did to it, (step 2) to make it POP:

I added glitter t the tree cause I LOVE shiny ornaments and i had a cute star charm that I hung off to the side and added the white ribbon.

and NOW, here's my step 1 card, that I sent to Pamela:
Visit her Blog to see what she did!

Friday, October 3, 2008



check back for some goodies tomorrow as the Firecracker Design Team posts some awesome cards for World Cardmaking Day...

Also there may be a sweet treat involved in the form of some Blog candy!!!!


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