Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another Gina K crayon resist

I can not tell you how much I love this technique. Well I guess you know cause this is only the bazillionth time I've used it!

I did change the colors though and I really love the ribbon charm which I got at Michaels!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Monogramed Thank Yous

I recently purchased the Just Rite monogrammed stamper (the small kit for special occasions) I am planning on using this a lot during the wedding planning process!

My cousin is having her 1st baby and she is due in October and her baby shower is the end of this month. I decided to make her some personalized monogram thank you cards for her to use in the colors that she is doing the nursery in. Pink and brown!

I used Stampin up DP and pretty in pink. and of course my punches and new stamper set. This is what the card looks like

Here is a close up of what the monogram looks like. it is super easy! you just click the letters in the little ridges and then ink away. there are even these super cute borders. The only punch I have that was big enough was the scallop circle and I didn't really want to use that. When I get the new 1 3/4 punch from stampin up I am totally going to try it.

This is a picture of all the cards I made and the band to hold them together

This is a picture of all the cards together and the band holding them together

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy 27th Birthday to me!!!

I got this idea from Nichole Heady’s blog. She recently celebrated her birthday and wrote 29 Birthday Blessings for her 29th birthday. Since today is my 27th birthday and I have many things to be grateful for and so many blessings in my life.

1. Nick—This year I will be planning my wedding to this wonderful man that makes me so incredibly happy. He works so hard to give us a great life, he goes out of his way to bring a smile to my face, he is so generous of himself and his time that I am blessed just by knowing him. I am so grateful that we were sent to each other and that we are being given the opportunity to share our lives with each other.

2. My health—The fact that I am able to get up every morning and not worry about anything but superficial stuff is a blessing. Recently I have realized what a blessing this is with all the news about Christina Applegate being only 36 and having breast cancer and undergoing a double mastectomy. My prayers and hopes are with her.

3.My home—We are doing so many things to decorate and truly make this house a home. A place where friends come to dinner or we can enjoy a night in. A place of our own just for us.

4.My job—With so many people losing their jobs I am lucky that I have one as well as the fact that I like it. The commute is long but at the end of the day I realize how lucky I am to like where I work.

5.Stamping—A hobby I never knew was out there. I have been blessed with wonderful ladies teaching me new techniques, blogs to surf showing designs and ideas, and generally making me a better stamper.

6.My mom—She is not always what I want her to be but I know she is the best at being herself. She was a single parent that worked hard and gave my brother and me the best that she could. I am grateful and know that if she could give us everything she would. It is because of that, that I work hard to earn all of the things in my life.

7.My friends—I am blessed with people who I not only love and care about but people who would jump up and do anything to lend a hand. I am blessed that some of these friends will be able to stand by my side as I marry my best friend.

8.Bridal magazines—for making the planning process of this wedding a little easier. Who would have known that so much was involved!

9.My sight—I love to read and without this I would not ever be able to read again or see colors and the vibrancy of the flowers as they bloom or the leaves change color at the hint of fall.

10.Big Brother TV show—for some reason I am hopelessly addicted to this show. I watch every episode and even the after dark episodes. It is so much fun watching it!

11.Tivo—I have no idea how I ever watched TV without Tivo! I no longer watch live TV and I record everything and watch when I have a chance. Because of this I don’t watch as much TV as I used to and I am able to enjoy other things like Nick, a good book, stamps, and sometimes just a nice hot bath!

12.Ice cream—This is the one food I will never give up! If I diet I will switch to sugar free but it is ALWAYS in our house.

13.Splitcoaststampers—This website is one of the main reasons I love this craft. It has made available some awesome tutorials, people, and ideas.

14.My craft area—Nick has built me a craft area and it makes it so much fun to be able to get in there and stamp away!

15.Books—To me there is nothing better than the smell of a book store. The pages and the nice crisp spines. I love books and I hope my kids enjoy them as much as I do!

16.The Twilight book series—This is being considered the next Harry Potter and this series is sooooo entertaining! I enjoy every minute I read these books.

17.A good bottle of wine—Sometimes nothing beats coming home and pouring a nice chilled glass of white wine and sipping it while enjoying a California summer night. Of course on the super hot days we are enjoying those nights inside with the AC blasting!

18.Enablers—To all the woman that have enabled me along the way! My stamp collection Thanks you and Visa is not so happy.

19.A nice massage—In need of one and it is on the to do list…..nothing beats the waterfall music some vanilla scented candles and being completely relaxed.

20.A good haircut—Nothing beats going and getting the perfect haircut where you walk out of the salon and you feel a million heads turning your way.

21.Music—I love music on the radio, love going to concerts, seeing bands at dive bars. To me music is music and I love it all from country to pop to rock to reggae.

22.Weekends—I love to sleep in and I am not able to every weekend but those weekends where you have nothing planned except relaxing and sleeping in, maybe watching a movie.

23.Movies—I love movies and I love going to the movie theater to see them. There are so many great movies and love everything from Oscar nominated to romantic comedies to drama’s.

24.Being a woman—I love being a woman and having the power we have to do so many great things and help out so many people. I love how empathetic we are and how understanding we can be. I love the band of sisterhood and how without knowing each other we would stand up for one another in a heartbeat!

25.My Grandmother—She passed away January 2007. She was the most wonderful courageous woman I have ever met. She was strong in every since of the word. I know she is looking out for me and I know she is the one that sent Nick to me. She is everything I hope to be and more.

26.My hopes—They make me realize that fairy tales do come true and even then you still have dreams and wishes and things to move forward to. Nick and I will one day have children, I will one day build a stamp company and do this hobby that I love so much as a career.

27.My ambition—It is because of this that I will end this post with something that Nick’s grandpa says after he blows out the candles every year on his birthday… “Ahhhhh, Another great year!”

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


well tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 27!

it seems like it is flying by super fast. We really havn't made plans at all. we may just go to dinner.

this is a card I made while ago but I love this stamp set. it is so much fun to use

Monday, August 25, 2008

trying to relax

Plans are still being made and I feel like I need to be in about 20 places at once. I am looking forward to October because Nick and I are planning to go to Disneyland for a week and we really need that! Just a week of fun and no thinking about anything except what ride we should get on next!

I have been trying to get my mojo back so I did a past sketch that was posted on splitcoast. this set is from My Favorite Things

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I am back....

I am so sorry for just disappearing on you. the last 2 weeks have been crazy!

for proof of the craziness view the photo below!

Yup nick proposed and we are getting married!!!!!!!! This last week and a half has been so incredibly busy. we have had the proposal, our anniversary, my dad's birthday and this upcoming week we have my birthday and labor day. We have been busy making plans for the wedding and deciding on some stuff. Because of all that I have had little fun stamping time but I do have some new stuff to share with you. Especially because I have TONS of new stampin up products coming in!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sorry for the MIA

We have been doing SOOO Much around the house and getting it ready to make a home since we decided to stay in it for at least a year to two more. Next month we are painting and by winter we are replacing the flooring. Last weekend we even picked up all these shelves and my craft area is really becoming a great place. we jokingly call it my "stamp heaven". Not only that but I decided to host a pampered chef party 2 weeks ago and this upcoming weekend I am having a get together at our house to celebrate Stampin ups new Catalog. I have mainly been doing stamping for swaps and hopefully I will start to do more fun stamping soon. I am even thinking of just doing the challenges on splitcoast to get my mojo back :) I wil lbe posting pics as the projects get completed.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gina K Birthday

Nick's grandmothers birthday is this week coming up. She is so great and sweet. she is the epitome of a classy woman always with her pearls on. I thought this card was perfect for the classic look I was going for. She also loves lilac.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Another swap....

I joined a swap on splitcoast and it had to be brown and ? pretty much any color you choose. I am in love with the brown and pink color big sis from DSS on splitcoast sent me a really nice goodie package filled with bellas and brads and ribbon and even a new pack of Berry Bliss paper. I of course had to open it and play. I used close to cocoa and pretty in pink. I colored with prismas and gamsol. let me know what you think.

Friday, August 1, 2008

No post today!

Hi all...

Well Nick had surgery on Monday and he is doing great and then we had fiber optic installed in our condo and of course they thrashed my craft room so needless to say I have had very little stamping time this week. I do have some projects to photograph but that would require I know where my camera is! I should have a new post this weekend. Happy 1st day of August!


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