Sunday, December 21, 2008

quick update

OK so my first time I have stamped since Thanksgiving was Friday night....yes on the 19th of December.....that is over 20 days without inking up my poor, abused, CLEAN stamps....

It felt sooo good though and it was easier than I thought. My mojo was there and present and I do have to say I was really happy with the 2 projects I completed. You will get to see them this week. I have some time off this week so I will be stamping some more and I will also have some great pics of my stamp heaven soon!

I was without Internet up until last week. I had the worst time with AT& bad that I actually reported them to Better Business Bureau and cancelled all of my services with them and went with another company.....I will sum it up in 5 words. Worst Customer Service Experience EVER.......

I do have a special announcement for Firecracker Designs to share with you!!!

From now until Christmas Day you can take 5$ off every order over $15.00!! Use coupon code: 5$OFF (all one word) Click HERE to shop

YES you CAN share the code with anyone you like!!

Also Pam has posted a new tutorial by Vicki Parson on her blog. Lots of wonderful pix showing how to create a gorgeous gift set out of a coffee container, notebook,and match box....
read all about it here!

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