Sunday, December 28, 2008

I forgot....

To wish you all a Merry Christmas!!!! The holidays are over and I am SOOO glad. I love this time of year but this year was super draining. We are having a New Years party for Family and friends so we have been unpacking like a frenzy and we actually have frames up with our pictures in it :)

I also have been unpacking and trying to organize my stamp chaos. I have gotten a lot of cool stuff I can't wait to try. My favorite stamp store Mainely stamping in fairfield (they spell theirs with an "E") had a wonderful sale over the weekend. 50% off everything in the store.....y silent setter blew last week and I was on the look out for another one and with that sale I bought a cropadile and a silent setter cheaper than it would have been to replace the one that broke!!!!

In my unpacking I found a bookmark I used with my Be Naughty set. since I found it last week it has been keeping my place in Dan Browns Angels & Demons.

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Anonymous said...

So cute!! :) Hope you enjoyed your Christmas and have a successful 2009!! :)


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