Friday, November 5, 2010

Non Stamping Post---A little break

Hi to all of my stamping friends. 

I haven't posted for a few weeks and I plan on taking another week for a break.  I recently found out a close friend of mine (we met in 9th grade) has been diagnosed with cancer.  She found out 2 weeks before her 30th birthday.  This is hitting me so hard cause we are the same age and if there is one person that knows soooo much about me (good and bad) it would be this lady!  My heart is breaking for the pain she is going through.  I am trying to do what I can to be a good friend but I wish I knew what to do to be the best friend I could be.

I will hopefully be back soon but with everything that has been going on it is hard for the creativity to get going.

Thanks for understanding!

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Dana said...

I am so sorry for your friend and for you! I will keep both of you in my prayers. As far as not knowing what you can do for her? You are already doing that.. just be there for her. Let her be mad, let her be angry, let her be sad and somewhere in the midst of all that I am sure you will make each other smile and remember how blessed you are to have such a good friend!


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